Studio Nocturne — 2021 Open Studio

Studio Nocturne Open Studio 2021

Studio Nocturne photographers specialize in night photography… and a few other things.

We are participants in the Artspan 2021 Open Studios this fall — our nineteenth year as exhibitors. We have scheduled two San Francisco events.

  • September 23-26— Open Studio at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach at 1345 Grant Avenue.
  • October 3 — A pop-up event at American Industrial Center, 960 Illinois Street.

The City of San Francisco has adopted safety rules during the pandemic that will be in place at our public events.  Please follow our Facebook page and check back here for more information.

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Harvey Abernathey


“Photography: n. “the art of light” i.e., photographers way of seeing, using light to frame a visible image for tone, contrast and balance.”

“Photographs are instantaneous moments of time, captured within a fraction of a second, or as with night photography, a matter of minutes or hours.  Night photographs capture more detail than the eye can perceive.  Magic in photographs happens at night!  My experiences of learning long exposures started over 20 years ago when I attached a film camera to an 8” telescope doing astrophotography.  The advent of the digital camera allowed me to expand into terrestrial imagery, yet maintaining the stars in so much of the work I do.  I am still looking to the heavens, and now sharing ‘Magic of the Night’ with you.”

Open Studio Website:

Mansoor Assadi

MansoorSssadi450“I had always been drawn to the art of photography, but for a variety of reasons, I never picked up a camera until late in life. I was 64 years old when I started it, and since then I have not put the camera down. I am attracted to all genres of the photography, but Wildlife and Nature are mostly what I am drawn to which takes me to a whole range of photographic opportunities. From Micro photography, to Landscape and Nightscape, I love doing them all.

Photographing the Landscape and the Cosmos at night, has its own many challenges, but also its huge rewards both in the form of the actual image, but perhaps more importantly, the serenity and the calm it brings with it when I am photographing at night… The long hours of the night, feels more like mere second to me , and before I know it, the night ends. I feel a deep sense of urgency to capture the world around me, or to travel to the places I have always wanted to see, not just because I am getting up in age, but also that the world as we know it is changing so rapidly due to Global Warming”.

Website: [please check back later]
Open Studio Website:


Daniel Leu

DanielLeu450“Grown up in Switzerland, I have called beautiful San Francisco home since the late nineties. This is where I discovered my passion for photography. I enjoy pointing my camera up and down, and left and right to find new scenes or a new angle that reveals a well-known subject like the Golden Gate Bridge from a different point of view. As can been seen in my portfolio, I love the outdoors and take advantage of the close proximity to the great parks we have here in northern California, from the rugged Pacific coast to the granite domes of the Sierra Nevada. In my personal projects, I currently focus on exploring the effect of long-time exposure on clouds, bodies of water or stars. The captured image unmasks a scene very different to what the human eye can see.”

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G Dan Mitchell

Hotel, Narrow Street“I have photographed since childhood when my father introduced me to cameras and the darkroom, and I became fascinated by the work of the West Coast landscape photographers such as Weston and Adams. Although my academic and professional life has been in music, I continued to make photographs, primarily focusing on the natural landscape, but also exploring a range of other subjects. Nearly two decades ago I began to photograph in the night and near-night hours, entranced by the quiet and meditative nature of the work and the ability to create photographs of things that I cannot see with my own eyes – faint light in near darkness, transient subjects that move during long exposures, and the magical nocturnal transformation of ordinary things into things of mystery and beauty. Recently I have focused on night street photography, using small handheld cameras to photograph the nocturnal urban landscape and its denizens In the United States and Europe.” 

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Greta & Manu Schnetzler

Embarking (Bayview Rise - Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan)“We have had a longstanding interest in night photography as reflected in the variety of subject matter and places depicted in our work. We see our night work as a good example of the continuing desire to explore our environment, to see common sights in a different way and to capture images that reveal the mystery of the everyday. We are struck by the transformative power of night lighting (whether moonlight or artificial) to create beauty and feeling in abandoned urban settings. We have an attraction to what has been left behind to be destroyed, to decay, or just to wait to be reanimated by human presence. Although our work is not documentary, we see our urban landscape transforming so quickly that we often feel a sense of urgency to photograph the scenes that we are drawn to before they fall to the steady march of progress. We work collaboratively on our photography and show our work together online.”

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Susan West

SWest450Photographically, I’m interested in ‘evidence’ of people–what they leave on view, accidentally or on purpose–and in time and chance, and in the disconnect between thought/imagination and reality. Recently, the latter has led to night photography. Everything changes at night. With long exposures, colors shift, water mists, car lights streak, and feeble street light multiplies into glory. Set to record long exposures, the camera reveals a world beyond human senses, beneath reality. So I hunt for places where the night brings mystery and surreality. Sometimes I selectively add colored light to enhance the message that the scene seems to be trying to send. The result is a wary and strange world that lives only at night, and only in the accumulated light of a long exposure

Open Studio Website:
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